Miles Wine Cellars Wisteria Slushie

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Miles Wine Cellars Wisteria Slushie

2 parts ice.
1 part Wisteria.
1/2 part powdered sugar.

Mix all ingredients in blender for approximately 15 seconds.


  1. We were at your winery on 10-16 with a AAA busload and really enjoyed it. We loved your Ghost slushie. I see your recipe for the equally delicious Wisteria slushie. Could you please send us the recipe for the Ghost slushie? You were all out of recipe notes while we were there.

    Thanks so much!

    • Wonderful! Most guests truly enjoy the wine slushie. Currently we have two wine slushies that we offer for tasting. We have the traditional Wisteria Slushie. This is made with our Wisteria Wine, and then of course we have “Mist of the Mansion” AKA Ghost Slushie. If you have an opportunity to stop by and taste our slushie, we highly recommend that you do so. We promise you will enjoy them.

  2. Pleaqse tell me how to make Ghost slushie. Loved it there bought ghost wine but need to know pineapple amount etc. No directions available

  3. the wistra slushie
    what is 2 Parts Ice =
    1/2Part powdered sugar

    • Wisteria Slushie

      2 parts ice: 1 part Wisteria: 1/2 part powdered sugar. mix for 15 seconds in blender.

      For example: 2 cups ice: 1 cup Wisteria: 1/2 cup powdered sugar

  4. Made the Wisteria Wine Slushies at home. EXCELLENT!!!!! So glad we went to the winery. Had an awesome time. We’ll be back soon!!!

  5. Thank you for the feedback!! The slushies are so delicious and great on a hot summer day. We hope you come again soon.

  6. Can you use the recipe with your other wines?

    • R.Angstadt,

      The only other slushie recipe that we have is the ghost slushie called Mist of the Mansion. If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call at 607-243-7742 or email us at


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