Reviews and Testimonies

Just wanted to pass a note of thanks on to you folks-This last tuesday my wife and I hit our last winery of the day. We pulled down the long road that led us to your beautiful plots of land and your very nice winery. Evan welcomed us in and we got to meet a local englishman. We enjoyed the wine and beer tasting, music, and views. We bought a bottle of your Treasure Port which was delicious. Evan treated us real good and we have to stop back next time we come down from Syracuse. Thanks so much!
Dean and Anne



I attend wine festivals in Hudson Valley every year, and at one of them, I must’ve come across Miles.  One evening, I decided to try a bottle of wine from my fridge, and pulled out my bottle of blush.  Oh my goodness, what a great tasting blush!  I’m not big on sugary blushes, I can only handle so much sweetness, and this wine is the perfect blend of sweet.  I’m so happy when I open a bottle that I purchased months earlier, having no clue what it tastes like, and then absolutely LOVING it.  I have to find me some more!