A sip with a ghost….

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The cold days of winter are officially here. What better way to warm up then with a bottle of your favorite wine next to a fire or a candle? That is exactly what one of our beloved patrons of Miles Wine Cellars did when one of the few winter storms that recently came through the North East kept her from going out. A bottle of Miles Ghost and a candle was her choice! What will your Miles Wine Choice be this season?...

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year~

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It is the most wonderful time of the year. With Holiday Music playing around us, people shopping for the Holiday Season and everyone is happy spirits, we love this time of year. Guests who join us at the Winery and Inn are such a delight to chat with each afternoon. They tell about their adventures during the day or weekend. They share about their family and friends and what the plans are for the Holiday. We absolutely love to be apart of your family and share in your happy moments. We hope that you take a bit of Miles Wine Cellars and The Inn at Miles Wine Cellars home this season. With so many opportunities available during the Holiday’s this is the perfect time of year to give the gift that keeps giving throughout the year. With our Miles Wine Club opportunity. Why not gift your loved one with the gift of wine throughout the year. It is the perfect solution for those that we are always stumped with what to buy each year.  Not sure that the Wine Club is the perfect fit? Why not purchase a gift certificate? With gift certificates available for the Miles Wine Cellars Tasting Room and also The Inn at Miles Wine Cellars. Give the gift of a getaway weekend and the purchase of some of the most favorite wines in the Finger Lakes. Contact Lindsay today to find out how to take advantage of our many wonderful Holiday Gifts! We can’t wait to include you in our...

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A Perfect Gift~

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As the Holiday’s begin to approach we all have started to make those lists of what to purchase for our near and dear for the season. Some of those on the list are easy to find gifts for, especially those little ones who are delighted to have anything given to them.  The challenge often comes when we have to purchase a little something for a parent, grandparent or even spouse who may already have every feasible item you can think of to give them.  We may have the perfect solution for you this season. With Miles Wine Cellars offering Wine, Beer and an onsite Inn the idea of either a gift basket or a gift certificate have become a popular item for guests both near and far. With many options available we can assist you with selecting the perfect gift option. Have a select price point that you wish to spend? We can work with you create a custom gift basket or provide you a certificate in that denomination. Inn overnight’s range from $112.00 per night (including taxes) during the off season-  November until Memorial day weekend to $672.00 total (including taxes) for a two night stay in our Grande William J. Miles Suite during the Summer or Fall. Wine or Beer tend to be more to you loved ones liking? Our Wisteria begins at $8.95 per bottle, and our wine goes up from there.  Have us help you add a few glasses or items to make it a bit more personalized.  Of course the idea of a stay and gift certificate for wine/beer may be just what the Dr. ordered. Call us today and we would be happy to help you put together the perfect gift or gift certificate for your loved one for this Holiday. (607)243-7742 or email   All orders must be received by Wednesday, December 17th to be received by the Holiday....

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Six Year Tradition!

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As we continue to mention we love when guests come and share their excitement for Miles Wine Cellars and their passion. Today was not the exception! We had guests from near and far visit us. Some to chat about wine tastings for their upcoming group visits, some to discuss booking an upcoming getaway at the Inn , and then there are our frequent visitors to our tasting room. We were delighted to have some women visit us today at the winery from all over the United States and Canada. Making Miles a six year tradition. It began with a 50th birthday party six years ago for three of these ladies, and has turned into much more. Each time they come there are more memories to be made and those to reflect on from past visits and stays to this area. We were delighted that they shared in this years vacation and getaway. Coming from the South, East Coast and Canada they were a delight to have with us. We hope that they continue to join us in the...

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Let The Picking & Fall Tasting Begin

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The Fall Season is now here! With harvest now officially in full swing, our tasting room is seeing guests from all different parts of our country.  Visitors from Pennsylvania and Ohio and even the West Coast have graced us with their presence the last few weeks.  With weekdays being a bit slower then weekends, this is the Prime Season! We love to see returning guests from past years and also new comers to the area. With our recent release of our Red Wines, guests are thrilled to have the variety that Miles is known for in the tasting room once again. In the Vineyard, Owner Doug Miles has officially begun harvesting the crop as of Sunday, September 21st.  With Cayuga Grapes already off the vines and on their way to produce wonderful wine and other varieties of Finger Lakes Products, next in line Pinot Noir. It is one of the busiest times of the year here at Miles, but we look forward to these moments, and hope for a bountiful season. So far all is looking well in the vineyards! Let’s hope that harvest continues to go well over the next...

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Harvest Begins on Sunday

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We are so excited to announce that after much anticipation our harvest begins on Sunday. Doug Miles anticipates that harvest of our Cayuga white grapes will occur this Sunday.  Next to follow sometime between Wednesday and Friday of the following week will be our Pinot Noir.  It is the most wonderful time of year for us at Miles Wine Cellars. We hope that if you stop by either the tasting room, Stay at the Inn or join us at the café you have an opportunity to see the harvesting taking place. This is a unique operation that only occurs once a year. We can anticipate that over the next month Doug and many of the family members will not get much sleep, as when the crop is ready it is time to harvest. However, we hope that you enjoy the wine and goodies that we provide for you at Miles and hope that you come to join us year after...

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