More and more, craft brews becoming popular, attracting the most discriminative beer drinker. We often get asked what makes a beer a craft beer? Besides tasting great, there’s definitely more things to take under consideration. Craft brewers are small brewers, producing much less than domestic breweries in the United States. Small brews, small batches, mean more focused attention on the beer. ¬†Innovation is key when it comes to craft brewers, they use historic styles with sometimes unique ways with forward thinking. Craft brewers keep it local, often focused on their community; they know their customers likes and dislikes. Craft brews are often distinctive, offering a variety of flavors that are local centric, listening to their customers.

Small brewcrafters generally use traditional ingredients, malted barley, grains, and local additives to keep things fresh and tasty. Wine drinkers are more apt to taste and enjoy craft beers than domestic.

At Miles we have a great selection of craft brews. We invite you to taste them.

Callisto Pale Ale

This light and lively American Pale Ale is sure to quench your thirst on a hot summer day in the Finger Lakes. Pilsner malt makes up the base for this beer with a touch of CaraAmber malt for a bit of color and caramel flavor. The hops are all American and lend subtle citrus notes to this fine ale.

Scottish Lure Ale

This amber ale is a little different than most ambers out there. This one is a traditional Scottish-Style Ale. We use a very traditional blend of Pilsner and Crystal malts and roasted barley to create the perfect color and flavor for this unique malty ale. The beer has a pronounced caramel flavor from an extended boil and dark crystal malt in the recipe.

Bonfire Brew

With the coming of fall and cooler weather we present this special seasonal brew. The Bonfire Brew is an orange-hued beer with a spicy character reminiscent of pumpkin pie. It has a slightly sweet, biscuit flavor and a clean, crisp finish.