2011 Riesling

2011 Riesling – Click to view

There are few things finer in life than a picnic with friends, especially in the Finger Lakes. Everyone looks forward to that picnic basket filled with good food to share on a sunny day. Perfect for this occasion is a cool glass of Riesling wine. Riesling is not just a sweet German wine, but also a grape that can produce a variety of wines. Originally grown in the Alsace region of Europe, (claimed by both Germany and France throughout history). The vineyards of the Columbia River Valley of Washington have brought the success of the Riesling grape to the United States. The Finger Lakes region is also known to produce superior Riesling because of our wonderful climate. Riesling is a young wine that has a light taste that is perfect for the warm summer months. Its acidity keeps its sweetness from becoming too cloying. The light flavors, from dry to semisweet to sweet, go well with the foods most often included in a traditional picnic meal.

Riesling is refreshing when chilled; creating a wonderful cooling drink. The drier the wine, the cooler it should be served. Sparkling Rieslings also quench the thirst. The light aromas of Riesling wine give a hint at the flavors to come: citrus, floral, honey, apricot, and even honey. For appetizers, a semi-sweet version goes well with cheese and crackers. A dry Riesling goes well with the traditional chicken served at a picnic. And for dessert the light, sweet notes of Riesling compliment everything from simple vanilla ice cream to fancy fruit tarts. In fact, sometimes a glass of a fine sweet Riesling wine is all the dessert needed to make a picnic perfect.

At Miles Wine Cellars we also have a great cafe with salads, sandwiches, cheeses, and treats to make your picnic easy. Enjoy the grounds, featuring exceptionally beautiful grounds overlooking Seneca Lake. A perfect getaway for a romantic picnic, or an outing with friends.