Thanksgiving dinner is a wondrous time. Friends and family gather to share a very large meal and give thanks for the season and each other. While the fellowship is definitely important, the most important part is clearly the food. The perfect combination of turkey and sides, the food is the main attraction at any thanksgiving event. It takes hour of painstaking work and a not a small amount of planning to pull of such a feast for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the food, an essential element to the dinner is the pairing of the food with wine. While often it takes a sommelier to pair just the right wine with dinner, this season there is a new wine on the market that is sure to take the guess work out of planning thanksgiving dinner wine pairing.

Thankgiving Turkey

Cabernet Franc is a style of grape used primarily in the blending of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that is sure to delight even the most discerning taste of any wine enthusiast. One of the lesser-known varieties, this red grape is from the Bordeaux and Loire Valley regions of France. With its spicy aromas and peppery accents, this grape produces full-bodied wines that are perfect for any heavy meal. With its easy sipping ability pairs very well if a variety of foods and makes it a perfect pairing for the wide arrange of food that is served at any thanksgiving feast. From turkey, to stuffing, to candied yams, Cabernet Franc is sure to pair perfectly with any of the existing flavors already on the palate from the feast.

Cab Franc Fits With Every Budget

Another great thing about wines made with this style of grape, is the fact that they are often reasonable priced. Available from a variety of different regions, this grape takes on the hits from its various regions. Often overlooked for its more prevalent cousin, the Cabernet Sauvignon blanc, this wine is perfect for those looking for a viable cheaper alternative to higher priced French wines that may overpower the food. Cabernet Franc produces an easy drinking wine that can be enjoyed by all palates. It does not have the overly earthy tones that merlot’s often posses that turn people off from darker red wines. It is also sweet enough to entice white wine drinkers to venture over to enjoy something with a little more flavor that pairs well with strong, flavorful food and not be overpowered.

Cab Franc Wine Compliments, Not Overpowers


It is not as strong as a merlot but also does not overpower the darker bodied wine. This type of grape is known to produce more floral notes with hints of raspberries and black currants. Because it has fewer types of tannin than darker wines, it has not only a lighter color but also a smoother mouthful, producing a more pleasant experience. The grape is also often delayed in harvesting to minimize the green leafy notes associated with a younger wine. Overall Cabernet Franc is a perfect selection for any Thanksgiving dinner, be it on a budget or a full-blown extravaganza.