happy new year

The New Years Eve is a time to spend with family and friends, and getting together with them usually means good food and wine. Discovering great foods, recipes, and complimenting wine, beer and spirits can be fun. Many different holiday foods compares great with wines.  Here are some matching favorites that people consider for the holidays.

For ham a light red or Bordeaux type. Call Me a Cab is a Cabernet that is semi sweet, a great choice for ham dishes. The sweetness of the wine can cut salty foods while the medium body gives balance.

For turkey we recommend our Dry Riesling. It can complement the spices without overtaking the flavor of the food.

For toasting the New Year we recommend out sparkling Medallion, which is made with our Cab Franc grapes. This is a one of a kind wine in the Finger Lakes. It has dark raspberry flavors as well as hints of deep jam flavors. No matter what you’re having as a meal, don’t forget to bring an extra bottle of Miles Wine Cellars for your host or hostess.