On the way passed the vineyards today it was amazing how only a day or two can truly change the view.  The trees are just starting to bud out.  Even the birds are beginning to fly and chirp as you step out of the car and glance over at the vineyards. vineyard pruningAs the vineyard workers are working so diligently in the early crisp air to trim the vines in Miles Vineyard, it is truly a sight of amazing beauty all around. The wind blows up from the lake and the branches on the over 100 year old willow tree sway back and forth.willow tree wisteriaMiles Wisteria bush blows over the hill overlooking the lake, and a pair of birds chirp back and forth at one another.

The most amazing view of all is the sun shining over the lake. The reflection on the water by the shore is such a sight, that you can hardly take your eyes away. As I step into the beautiful and historic home, Miles Wine Cellars, is truly a beautiful sight in itself.  It sometimes takes a moment to step back after we have cleared out one of our rooms in preparation for a corporate event to look at the amazing architecture.  Today it was the fireplace. As I moved the boxes from the door I glanced over to the fireplace. Looking at the amazing mantle, brass hearth and brick.  Pure beauty!!!!water

The smell of coffee drifts down the stairwell from the guests at the Inn at Miles Wine Cellars who are enjoying their breakfast.  The other employees are busy preparing for another busy day in the tasting room and with a small private event and tour of the Inn at Miles Wine Cellars. All with great smiles as laughs fill the halls and rooms of the Winery at Miles Wine Cellars. This is the perfect Sunday in the Finger Lakes!!!!inn Vineyards along Seneca Lake - Spring