Love must be in the air at Miles Wine Cellars. I am always excited when we have a newly engaged couple (as in just minutes after they have become engaged) stop in the tasting room. Usually the new bride-to-be can’t wait to show us her new ring and tell us the story of how her fiancé proposed at our winery.

The story is usually very romantic and we love to hear all the details and look at the ring.


We have been surrounded by engagement’s lately.  More then normal!  Not only that, but we have a number of newlyweds staying with us as well at the Inn on their honeymoon.  It is always adorable to see them arriving in their tux’s or suits and bridal gowns after their reception.  wedding inside tent

If we could only have a camera to capture the moment, and send it to them on their Anniversary.  We love that their life as a couple can be shared with us!  It is something very special that we take pride in.  We have also seen an unusual number of couples interested in holding their wedding with us in the upcoming years. wedding ceremony

We love walking them around the property. Showcasing the grounds for our outdoor space where their wedding will be held overlooking Seneca lake.  We have had a few of these brides so taken by the property that they begin to cry as we explain the different options that they have available for their wedding day. The idea that this location could be the setting of their dream wedding becomes a reality and they can’t seem to hold in the emotion anymore. Wedding in the Finger Lakes

We love all these moments.  It is one of the reasons that we come to work everyday. In the midst of all the crazy moments that we have, there are those moments that we can sit back and enjoy the special memories that are being made throughout someone’s life.

We hope that you will share some of your special moment’s with us. We truly do love hearing them.!