What a perfect opportunity to bring athlete’s and tourist to the Finger Lakes during the most beautiful time of year. Miles Wine Cellars jumped on the opportunity to support a new local event taking place last weekend at Indian Pines Park in Penn Yan.  Peasantman Triathlon!

Peasant Man booth 2

With over 300 participants in the event this year we couldn’t wait to be apart of the fun!

Miles Wine Cellars also is a huge supporter in contributions that generate awareness and support for local charitable causes in our community. This year when participants of the race registered they have the opportunity to choose one of a handful of local causes to support.  Peasantman contributed a portion of each registered person to the selected organization. Peasant Man 2

Although the weather wasn’t perfect, we hope that those that participated enjoyed their time in Penn Yan and the surrounding area, and that you come to this area in the future.