Wisteria-color-296x300One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, what is your favorite wine from the selection that you offer at Miles Wine Cellars? Well to be honest it really will depend upon who you ask ,and the season that you ask the question.Some will answer that they greatly enjoy our Chardonnay (very dry, though lightly oaked) and other’s will respond with a sweeter option like Wisteria. wineshlush

It is a personal preference and often can be determined by the weather. This time of year you may find that a number of our Patron’s are walking around with one of our Wisteria Wine Slushie’s. Perfect for those hot summer days. I personally love these on those humid afternoon’s in the summer. In the Fall and Winter I tend to go with more comfort and dry wines. Our Ghost and Chardonnay are great choices. We actually have a Mulled Chardonnay recipe that is amazing in the fall and winter months!2010 Chardonnay

Keep an open mind when tasting some of our wines. You may be surprised to find that you enjoy a variety that you never have in the past. As my Mom always used to tell us growing up, ” take a no thank you bite!” You never know, you may be surprised what you may find!”2010 Cabernet Franc

We hope that you are surprised by the choices that you make during your next visit, but we hope that you enjoy your time at our venue, and come back and join us again.