It is that time of year when the farmers are monitoring their vineyards constantly to determine when to harvest their crop and begin the new vintages of their wines. At Miles Wine Cellars that is just what we were doing today. Evan Sugar Tests 2

Evan Miles and Lindsay Will ventured out into the vineyards to look at all the blocks and determine when harvest will begin at Miles…

and the verdict is most likely next week!!!!

With Cayuga White only about one week away from harvest, this will be the first of the blocks to be harvested this year. Many of the other blocks still have a few more weeks to go before they have hit the mark on the “sweetness” scale. Cayuga White Grape

with a number of factors such as rain, birds, sun and wind playing into when exactly harvest will begin it is often hard to pin point a date.Evan Sugar Tests

Evan Miles and Doug Miles will continue to monitor their crop closely to see when the “perfect” time to pick will be for every variety, but we can assure you that it is just around the corner.