As we continue to mention we love when guests come and share their excitement for Miles Wine Cellars and their passion. Today was not the exception!Fall folliage 3

We had guests from near and far visit us. Some to chat about wine tastings for their upcoming group visits, some to discuss booking an upcoming getaway at the Inn , and then there are our frequent visitors to our tasting room. Tasting Room

We were delighted to have some women visit us today at the winery from all over the United States and Canada. Making Miles a six year tradition. It began with a 50th birthday party six years ago for three of these ladies, and has turned into much more. September 2014 Ladies 6 Year Visit

Each time they come there are more memories to be made and those to reflect on from past visits and stays to this area. Vineyard Photo 2

We were delighted that they shared in this years vacation and getaway. Coming from the South, East Coast and Canada they were a delight to have with us. Miles Suite (2) 2014

We hope that they continue to join us in the future!