What is the one thing that everyone always wishes that they had when they were on vacation? Any ideas? Relaxation without any hassle! YES!

At least in my case when I am on vacation this is my time to relax and enjoy my time from the hustle and bustle of our ;crazy everyday; lives in the Finger Lakes.  While with that being said we have decided to take the guess work out of your next visit to the Finger Lakes Region. Sure there are a ton of websites that provide events taking place nearby, but do you know what they are or where to even begin searching?

I personally cannot share with you how many guests have called or been onsite and asked the famous question, “What is there to do around here?”

Well folks here it is! We are going to write a posts over the next few weeks, and maybe even months that have links within them. I do realize that some of us are a bit more comfortable at navigating the internet then others, so for those of you like my mother; not technologically advanced; just click on the highlighted words posted throughout our posts. They will take you to a number of different websites that will share with you events going on in the region and also on our property!

We at Miles Wine Cellars are creating a series of events that will be held throughout the summer, and maybe even the fall, right here at our venue. They will be a variety of different events that will appeal to different ages and genders, and trying to reach multiple different guests that otherwise may not get to enjoy our facility from a different perspective. Best of all they are not necessarily wine related, but we certainly have and will find a way to incorporate wine and beer into these events. 

We currently have two events that are up and ready for you to register for at this time.

3rd Annual Sip & Sparkle Ladies Nights

Modern Mother’s Day Getaway


Trust me when I say that is just  the beginning, as I have a list a mile long on my desk of current events ready to develop, and two events that are on the verge of being on our website in the very near future. 

We look forward to keeping you posted on what we have going on, but also check out the hyperlinks we have embedded into this post. They will help you plan and enjoy your next getaway on Seneca Lake!