The Finger Lakes wine country is a fantastic escape from your daily routine. Miles Wine Cellars not only offers the opportunity to taste its wines and walk their vines but to appreciate the Seneca lake scenery, grab a snack at their cafe and sleep in at their Inn. Reasons to come visit are apparent, the best way to do it, not so much.

Wineries in the region, gratefully receive busses full of visitors every weekend, but here’s a trade secret: you can visit their cellars in a small group, and it actually has enormous benefits. In a nutshell, here are 5 reasons you should visit wineries as a small party.

1.You get to meet the people

Tasting wine is better with the people that make it. Behind every label, there’s always a passionate team of people working all-year-round, from tending the vines to bottling the wine. It’s arduous work, and believe me, they have more than a few stories to share. As much as they want to get intimate with a group of 20, it’s just not that easy. Visit the winery with only your closest friends and family, and you’ll see you don’t just meet the people, you make relationships.

2.You’re not in a hurry

Tour guides and bus operators have a schedule, time is money you know? A few delays or unscheduled stops will have them rushing you all day long. To enjoy wine, you must take your time. Maybe you want to stay and watch the sunset or have a bite after your tasting. Perhaps you want some time to walk around the property. You never know, in any case, you’ll be better off visiting wineries on your own.

3.You get to taste more wine

It’s simple math, fewer people means more wine for everyone. Do you want to try that wine again? Why not, we’re among friends after all. If you’re in luck, your host might pop up a bottle of the new vintage, or a dusty old bottle from his private cabinet. You simply can be a bit more generous when hosting a few people rather than a big crowd.

4.You take the best pictures

You’ll definitely want to take pics of the leafy vineyards, astounding tanks, and romantic barrel rooms. If you have visited the charging bull statue on Wall Street during holidays, you know how hard it is to get some alone time with the beast to get a photo. It’s the same thing at wineries, they can get crowded. You get the picture.

5.You get close and personal

Last but not least, having an intimate tasting allows you to ask questions, share your impressions, and listen to others. If you’re here to learn, you’ll learn much more in a small party. Like in school, students in reduced groups get more attention from the teacher. It’s that simple.

So, now you know. Suddenly you’re not on a tour; your visiting friends. If you show sincere appreciation for the wineries work, they will treat you like family, because that’s what wine does, it makes people come together.

Next time your planning to visit the Finger Lakes wine region, bring your dearest friends and live an extraordinary experience as a small group. You’ll never again be just one more seat on the bus. Enjoy your favorite wines on your own terms.