Beachin’ It with Coastin’ at Miles Wine Cellars

With summer well on it’s way, Miles Wine Cellars has crafted the perfect wine to take along to the beach. Designed with the ultimate summer wine in mind, Coastin’ by Miles Wine Cellars is a white blend that is perfect for those bright and sunny days on the beach. As one of the preeminent wineries in all of the Finger Lakes, NY, Miles Wine Cellars knows all about beachin’ it. If you are yearning for the taste and feeling of those lazy summer days on the Finger Lakes, they have been effortlessly encapsulated into this unique blend. Coastin’ by Miles Wine Cellars is the perfect wine for the beach, and also the perfect wine for anyone who wants to bring the beach to them.

What Makes Coastin’ the Perfect Wine for the Beach?

It is impossible to live in the Finger Lakes without developing a taste for their unique and extraordinary beaches. The Finger Lakes region is replete with more than a handful of beaches that are perfect for both family fun and relaxation. In the hot and gorgeous New York summers, these beaches exemplify the ideal summer landscape. As one of the most popular destinations for beach-going tourism in the upper east of the United States, the Finger Lakes is the perfect region to create the ultimate summer wine.

Coastin’ Comes from Miles Wine Cellars, an Authentic Finger Lakes Winery

Coastin’ is made from love, ideas, and a blend of Riesling and Traminette, both Finger Lakes favorites, passionately put together. With it, Miles Wine Cellars has managed to capture the entirety of summer in a bottle. Not only is Coastin’ by Miles Wine Cellars the ideal wine for the beach, but it is also a wine that allows you to take the beach with you wherever you go. You could open a bottle of Coastin’ on a porch in the middle of North Dakota and still feel like you’re about to go swimming in the Finger Lakes. Surely, beachin’ it with Coastin’ by Miles Wine Cellars is the perfect way to make your summer days at the beach even more special.

What Goes Into Making a Great Summer Wine?

A great summer wine is a blend that is light, breezy, and perfectly encapsulates the sensation of fun and relaxation in the sun. As well, it should include just a little bit of shade. Immediately, the sight of this white blend, with it’s lightly golden hues, brings to mind the most extravagant sunset giving way to a cool summer night. Coastin’ by Miles Wine Cellars perfectly exemplifies Finger Lakes summers on the beach in both sight and taste. With only 3.5% residual sugar and 12% alcohol, this light summer wine will keep you on your toes without weighing you down. After a glass of Coastin’, you’ll feel like a feather gliding in the summer breeze. Even the label on the bottle looks like summer, with a baby blue backdrop and golden lettering that lets you know you’re getting an authentic Finger Lakes product. This is the perfect summer wine.

Take the Finger Lakes with You Wherever You Go!

If you’ve never been to the Finger Lakes, you should put a trip to the region on your bucket list. There’s a reason this region has become one of the most highly-trafficked tourist destinations on the east coast for both families and individuals. As a cultural hotspot, the Finger Lakes is known for its art, cuisine, and wine, but also it’s wildlife and amazing beaches. Featuring 11 natural and beautiful lakes, beaches make up a very large part of the overall region. The attitude of these beaches is firmly instilled in the region’s residents.

The Feeling of Summer on a Beach at the Finger Lakes in a Bottle

There is something open and free that makes the Finger Lakes feel like no other destination in America. This immeasurable spirit of freedom and natural beauty is perfectly preserved in every bottle of wine that Miles Wine Cellars puts their stamp on. By purchasing a bottle of Coastin’ from Miles Wine Cellars, you are purchasing a personal stake in the Finger Lakes lifestyle. When you pop open the bottle, a summer breeze will awaken and transport you immediately to a secluded beach on the Finger Lakes.

Order a Bottle of Coastiń and Start Beachin’ It Today!

As one of the finest breweries in the Finger Lakes region, Miles Wine Cellars take pride in sharing it’s spirit with the nation. By ordering a bottle of Coastin’ from Miles Wine Cellars, you can get a little piece of the Finger Lakes delivered right to your door!