Great wines takes us on a trip. With one sip, they transport you to a vineyard with sweeping views of gently rolling hills lined with neat rows of grape vines. You find yourself sitting on a sun baked, stone patio where you can relax while savoring a delicious glass of perfectly aged wine. 

Wines for mother's day

Wines make memories of family dinners and relishing the gifts of lifelong friendships.

The Red, The White, And The Blush

Seneca Lake, with pristine waters, historic mansions, and stunning waterfalls offers visitors a tranquil getaway experience. As visitors enjoy the Zen-like atmosphere, so do Seneca Lake’s vineyards where the grape growing climate rivals better known domestic and international regions. One such gorgeous Finger Lakes winery focused adventure is Miles Wine Cellars where you can slowly sip a perfectly aged glass of vino. If you can’t visit this Mother’s Day, you can taste the wine that embodies the region and travel vicariously with each expertly crafted glass.

The Red

Tasting wine is like trying on a new pair of shoes, tentative at first, then a burst of joy. We all love a rich Cabernet, but how about trying on a Lemberger for an adventure into tasting something different. Our Lemberger is aged in Hungarian oak barrels that impart a European mouth feel and add tannin and texture to the aged wine. With distinct notes of raspberry and black pepper, this wine is perfect for a dive into trying-on something new and interesting.

The White 

Summer days are almost here which translates into light al fresco meals and lazy Sunday’s reading on the patio. Hot, carefree days call for a refreshing, light wine like Coastin’. When chilled to perfection and enjoyed while lounging in your favorite Adirondack chair, you will find yourself dreaming of visiting New York’s Finger Lakes or your favorite vacation waterfront cottage. Let’s get ready to embrace that summer time vibe!

The Blush

The Wisteria, a sweet rose, is the wine you want to have on hand when your gal pals come to visit. Perfect for making Wine Slushies (there is even a recipe on the bottle), Wisteria is a party in a bottle. This sweet wine is perfect to enjoy as an afternoon sipper, and the one you want to have extra bottles in your wine rack for when a spontaneous celebration pops up. Imagine presenting a beautiful tray of gorgeous and tasty libations at your next gab fest, you will definitely impress all your besties. 

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

While we can’t all travel yet, giving a gift that takes us to a new place or back to an old memory, is the perfect solution. Visiting a region through its wine and other local offerings gives us a chance to experience the journey from the comfort of our home. The path to discovering your favorite bottle of red, white, or rose wine is a personal experience we love to share with our family and friends. 

You know Mom loves wine, now it’s time to select a few bottles that will take her on a well-deserved wine-cation. Order a bottle or two of the Lemberger, Coastin’, Wisteria, or any of Miles Wine Cellars varieties. Not sure exactly which wines Mom will love best, order an e-gift card and let her select the bottles she wants to try on her tasting exploration. 

Just in time for Mother’s Day, or any other day you want to treat Mom to something wonderful.