Miles Wine Cellars is well known for its quality winemaking in the Finger Lakes. Their structured Cabernet Franc; their luscious port-like fortified wine; their iconic Milestone red blend; and their silky Lemberger are all extraordinary red wines. 

Often overlooked, one of Miles Wine Cellars most appealing and fun wines is still a pleasure to discover. We’re talking about the charming Wisteria blush wine.

Wisteria is made with the local Catawba grape, one that has played an essential part in American wine history; it was once the most widely planted variety in the country. The wild vine is hard to tame, but in expert hands, it produces exciting wines, to say the least.

The Miles family saw opportunity to make the grape a fun, easy-to-drink, enticing blush wine to please every palate, from the inexperienced to the connoisseur.

Bright red berry flavors, discrete mineral notes and a lovely acidity balances out with just the right amount of sweetness to make an exquisite blush wine that has earned its fair share of accolades. 

Wisteria is best enjoyed well chilled, under sunny skies with friends and family. Have fun with Wisteria, its intense flavor, brightness and pretty red berry aromas can be enjoyed in many ways; blend it to make a slushy and meet your new summer drink.

Wisteria has a place at the table on its own too. It’s perfect as an apéritif and goes well with goat cheese, fruit salads and custard desserts. 

Have you ever cooked with wine? Well, Wisteria is ideal for sweetening and adding layers of flavor to desserts like our favorite after dinner treat, Wisteria Ambrosia. 

Cream cheese, marshmallows, crushed pineapples, strawberries and Wisteria makes a balanced, unctuous treat to prepare for your loved ones. Find the recipe here.

The next time you’re planning some outdoor entertaining, have friends coming over or feel like treating yourself, open a bottle of Wisteria and appreciate this beautiful wine. Serve yourself a glass and enjoy the moment.